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All you need to know about Valheim Mobile

Valheim's action is set in the tenth world as the title suggests, made up from scratch in particular for this production (it didn't exist in the Scandinavian cosmogony). Warriors who arrive at Valheim and want to gain eternal glory and remain in Valhalla for good have got to travel through the land and fight the beasts that reside in there. Those who survive will eventually be accepted by the gods.

Valheim Mechanics

Valheim's action uses the third person perspective (TPP). The game starts in a relatively calm centre of a procedurally generated land. Though we can feel quite safe there, the area is not rich in natural resources. Progressing the game, we need more and more resources in order to build up the better arsenal and stronger armour, build various constructions, such as strongholds and outposts, as well as produce food for our character.

As a result, over time, we're going farther and farther from the centre; Travelling on foot we're walking through the dense woods, gloomy swamps, and even snowy peaks, and when reaching the sea we'll have to build a boat and set off to search for new lands.

Valheim – Gameplay

As a result, over time, we're going farther and farther from the centre; Travelling on foot we're walking through the dense woods, gloomy swamps, and even snowy peaks, and when reaching the sea we'll have to build a boat and set off to search for new lands. Our braver and braver exploration will be connected with the need of facing more and more dangers. The fights with fierce and mythical beasts are dynamic, and during which we've got to show dexterity and reflexes so that to block the enemy's attacks, nudge and counterattack in a timely manner. We eliminate the enemies with the white arm (like swords and axes) as well as ranged weapon (e.g.: various bows) The ultimate goal for the player is of course to survive in those adverse settings. We can play in a single- or multiplayer cooperation mode. So we won't encounter the classic network fights, yet the player will face the savage animals and mythical beasts. These fights are characterized by the significant dynamic, and the player must exhibit dexterity and reflexes to timely block the enemy's attacks or be able to dodge, and swiftly run counterattacks. The Steam title costs 19,99 $, and the creators have just revealed that the game has sold more than 2 million copies, which has generated the revenue of circa 28 million dollars.

Valheim's future plans

The creators have finally revealed information on the future plans of the entire game development. This is what we'll see in the Viking purgatory (everything listed in the order planned by the developers) Hearth and Home: for starters, we're going to get extra elements to build households and new ways of acquiring and preparing food - new seeds, furnaces, or stoves. Cult of the Wolf: this patch will impact the fight and exploration. New enemies, weapons etc. will be introduced. We know no more, particularly in the subject of the wolves in the title. Are they likely to become our companions? We'll see. Ships and the Sea: Though the building of boats and drakkars is already available, the creators are planning on enriching this part of the game. We'll be able to improve and make our ships more beautiful, elements for building a port or more encounters at the sea will appear. Mistlands: This add-on will introduce a totally new biom, new rivals and a boss. For now, there are five main ones in the whole game, Iron Gate AB is planning as many as 9. In addition, multiple minibosses, more dungeons, treasures and hidden places will appear. That's all for now. The developers, consisting of as many as five members, admitted that everything had been planned yet before the game's premiere in Early Access. They would never expect the game to succeed and have assured us that it's just the beginning.

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  • Number THREE:
  • The most important point from the whole list is the ease of installing Valheim Mobile on your mobile device, we made sure that this process was smooth and as fast as possible, so you do not need any instructions, just press the download button - Android or iOS and wait for the browser to download the file, and install it on your device and that's it. Open the game and play!

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Simple instructions on how to download and install the game

In order to PLAY Valheim Mobile, you ought to:

  • Tap on one of the two game download links for the Android or iOS.
  • Remember to enable in your browser the option of downloading files from outside Google Play and iTunes, otherwise it will not be possible to download and install Valheim Mobile.
  • Install the game and launch it
  • Open downloaded application and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After installation just start the game and enjoy it all!
valheim android
Valheim for PS4/PS5 i Xbox

According to the FAQ page on the official website, Valheim's developer Iron Gate AB mentioned that "they're not planning to publish the game on other platforms, when the post was made - the latest update was on 18th January 2021. However, the developer ended its answer with a statement that doesn't exclude the possibility for console games in the future. Thus, if you fancy playing Valheim, but have no computer, you'll have to wait a while. It's worth noting, that when it comes to consoles, Valheim will rather not be available on PlayStation or Nintendo platforms, unless the game leaves its Early Access. On the other hand, taking into account the platform's Game Preview program, Valheim is more likely to be available on Xbox sooner or later. To sum up, it's possible that an immediate rise in Valheim's popularity caused that Iron Gate AB has left its priorities aside, and with regards to the abovementioned FAQ updated in the mid-January 2021 - long before an official launch of Steam - the statement doesn't have to necessarily reflect the current stand of the developer on possible future game platforms.

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